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The purpose of this website is to provide awareness of some of the most profound, life affirming and inspiring spritual wisdom to be found anywhere, and to point seekers to a major source of this wisdom. In addition, in order to promote a sense of community and sharing we provide sharing venues, like the Community Forum to provide a means of interaction and exchange between the community of serious spiritual seekers.
The teachings found here are not the musings of clever or sophisticated human beings, but instead are given by beings who refer to themselvses as the Ascended Host or Ascended mentors or the Ascended Masters. The purpose of these teachings is to raise up human beings in consciousness, in order that humans may separate from the egoic, self-centered self and reach for the higher self, the spiritual self, the self that was created in the image and likeness of the Creator.
If you feel there may be value in this for you and you are willing to open your heart and mind, then listen with your heart to one or more of the sound files from the Ascended Masters. If they resonate with you, feel free to browse through the entire collection of sound files and written excerpts from some of the books dictated by the Ascended Masters. Browse the source websites of this wisdom and also join in the discussion in the Community Forum.
Note:These dictations and all of the dictation excerpts provided on this site are provided with permission of Kim Michaels. Kim generously provides free access to extensive, profound teachings on his websites. An amazing and extensive collection of incredibly profound, life changing books are also available and highly recommended. In addition, a complete collection of hundreds of audio dictations is accessible to subscribers with new sound files added as they are released by the Masters..

The Messenger


Kim Michaels has been on the spiritual path for more than 38 years. He has studied a wide variety of spiritual teachings, has practiced many spiritual techniques and has been involved with several spiritual organizations.

In 2002, Kim began to receive discourses (dictations) from spiritual beings, beginning with Jesus.

Kim explains that a dictation is where he attunes his mind to the Presence of a specific ascended master. He is completely awake and conscious. He does not go into a trance where he is unconscious of what he is saying. Kim believes that the ascended masters do not work with trance channels. The reason is that this is a violation of free will, as the channeler is not aware of what the channeling entity will do or say during the trance. So he is fully conscious during the process, but has trained himself to go into a neutral or pure state of mind, where his personal thoughts or feelings are not engaged.

We, as well as thousands of others have witnessed first hand, Kim standing in front of a room with no notes, no visual aids, and talk for an hour or more, withouth hesitation, without searching for words or thoughts, with great energy and focus and bringing forth absolutely profound, priceless teachings that contain so much wisdom, that one can listen to a sound file over and over again, discovering new insights with each exposure.

Unlike many people today, that people look to as a source of spiritual guidance. Kim does not consider himself special, or any kind of guru that people should follow. Through him the Masters have often said, "What one has done, all can do".

More on specifics of how answers are brought forth through Kim.

The Ascended Masters


By Kim Michaels

Ascended Masters are our Teachers

Let us begin by considering the question: What are you? If we go to the very core, we can say that you are a self-aware being. You are aware that you exist (awareness) and you have a sense of identity, a sense of who you are (self). Thus, you have self-awareness. Currently, your self-awareness is focused here in the material world, centered around your physical body. Yet this is not your only option. An ascended master is also a self-aware being. Yet an ascended master has raised or accelerated its self-awareness, so it is no longer focused in the material realm. Instead, it is focused in a realm of higher vibrations, which we normally call the spiritual realm. Going through this acceleration process, which culminates in a process called the ascension, is the potential of every self-aware being.

You have the potential to raise your self-awareness, until you attain mastery over your own mind and mastery over the material realm. You can then make a quantum leap and raise your self-awareness to an entirely new level, where you no longer need a material body. Instead, you function within a light body, made from the higher vibrations of the spiritual realm.

Some ascended masters have been in embodiment on earth, just like you and I. They know exactly what we are going through, because they have struggled with the density of the material world just like we struggle. And that is why they can serve as the perfect teachers for showing us how we can avoid reinventing the wheel and making the same mistakes all over again. Instead, we can follow the trail that the masters have blazed through the jungle of the human consciousness. There are, of course, also ascended masters who ascended from other planets than earth, and there are some that never descended into embodiment in our sphere. Thus, there are various groups of beings in the spiritual realm, and they are described in more detail here....(more)