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Sarah from Terra


One girl's journey through Self Mastery. Enjoy genuine thoughts of a spiritual student through the good the bad and the wonderful. As well as the tidbits and treasures I find while I hunt for what is real.

Golden Age Journey


However uniquely we come to our own spiritual coherence and inner truths, walking the spiritual path widens it for others.  This is Saint Germain’s Golden Age of Aquarius, let’s go!

New Christianity


Imagine a new Christianity where hope replaces shame, where Jesus is the example rather than the exceptionand where we communicate directly with God in a very real way.

Tom's Journey


Follow Tom's journey from curious religious boy through 20 years as agnostic/atheist, wandering seeker of truth, and finally follower of the path of the Ascended Masters

Your Blog


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Holistic Livelihood


I free people who hate their jobs and empower them to find work that makes their souls sing! I also through my blog posts try to open their eyes to what or who is behind our system where they work like slaves.

Your Journey


It has been said that we can give no greater gift to others than to share our weaknesses and struggles. But you are free here to, share whatever you feel inspired to share.


Your Blog


Wouldn't it be encouraging to know that although people strggled for a time, that they ultimately broke through to higher levels of consciousness and abundant life?