On the Journey of Self-Mastery



Gems of Wisdom

As you read or hear the incredible revelations of wisdom and understanding given by ascended masters in the books and dictations, you have probably highlighted with special emphasis certain teachings which really struck you as particularly meaningful or profound. These were the revelations that provided major, transformational insights to your really big, seemingly impossible questions, the answers to which you may have been seeking without success your entire life. This page provides a small collection of those "gems" for your inspiration and enlghtenment. You may even be inspired to go back to your library and re-read sections or listen to dications that you may have read or listened to several years ago.

Submit your Gems!

As you discover particularly profound "Gems of Wisdom" please submit them for posting. Please provide the text, the title of the book, the chapter and page or in the case of dictations, the title of the dictation and the elapsed time into the dictation so that others may easily find it.





Provided with permission of Kim Michaels