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Ascended Master Conferences 2018

Participating is one of the greatest gifts you can give -- for raising the collective consciousness, for bringing forth the Golden Age, for raising your own consciousness,

Start or Join a Purifying Vigil for Your Nation with Astrea's New Invocation

Practically every nation is experiencing upheaval and division as we transition into the Golden Age of St. Germain. The need is great for purifying light for clear vision amid the chaos and confusion and the awakening of the mass consciousness. Consider starting or joining a 33 day vigil.


Need Some Encouragement?


Holland 2016 Conference Sound Bytes:

  • Your calls are making a tremendous difference
  • How even one person can cause change in an entire nation

Beautiful and Enlightening


Beautiful and inspiring slide show created by Joy Christen based on the book, The Jesus Koans, by Kim Michaels. Short, snappy and sometimes humorous zen-like koans that give profound insights into the true, inner, mystical teachings of Jesus and everyday life.



Read in-depth, profound answers to the biggest questions on earth like, "Who am I, why am I here and who is that being in the sky?", or How can you have inner peace if you are addicted to outer security?




Listen to profound wisdom provided by humankinds' spiritual teachers, like Jesus, Gautama Buddha and Mother Mary to name just a few addressing questions like, "What is the key of knowledge?".


Gems of Wisdom


Read some of the most inspiring, profound, transformational excerpts from the teachings of the ascended masters. Each excerpt is referenced back to the source if you are interested and want to study further.

Self-Mastery Book Series


The books in The Path to Self-Mastery series present a set of mystical and practical initiations designed to raise your consciousness and unlock your creative potential.



Sharing your personal journeys on the path of self-mastery.

Group Vigils


Participate in Mother Mary's monthly 500 Vigil, join another ongoing vigil, or start a new vigil of your own



You most likely found this site because you are looking for answers. This implies you have questions that so far have not been answered to your satisfaction. This site provides convenient samples of and points to the sources of profound wisdom provided by humankinds' spiritual teachers, like Jesus, Gautama Buddha and Mother Mary to name just a few.
If you feel there may be value in this for you and you are willing to open your heart and mind, then listen with your heart to one or more of the short, five minute dictations from the Ascended Masters. If they resonate with you, browse through the written excerpts from some of the books dictated by the Ascended Masters and the many links to answers to mankinds deepest questions.

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Last Sunday of the month: Mother Mary's 500 Vigil for Korea

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