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Ascended Master Sound Files

These dictations are provided with the generous permission of Kim Michaels who serves as a messenger for the Ascended Masters. Kim provides totally free access to extensive, profound teachings from the Ascended Masters on his four websites. Hundreds of transcribed dictations given since 2002 are provided abolutely free of charge on Kim's website, Ascended Master Light.. In addition, an amazing and extensive collection of incredibly profound, life changing books essential to the path of self-mastery are also available and highly recommended. Also, a complete collection of sound files of hundreds of hours of dictations given by the Ascended Masters through Kim since 2004 is offered with continuous updates as new dictations are released to his subscribers for a nominal fee.

Check back, as excerpts of some of the most profound teachings will be posted here on a regular basis


Holland 2016 Sound Bytes

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1. Your calls are making a tremendous difference - Mother Mary

2. Master More: How even one person can change a nation

Short, five minute dictations given in 2015-2016 on CRN1 Radio,
"Divine Love Talk":

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1. Saint Germain: Are the Ascended Masters genuine?

2. Mother Mary: The necessity of awakening from judgmental consciousness

3. Mother Mary: Overcoming childhood wounds

4. Mother Mary: The biggest problem on earth is...

5. Saint Germain: Why are things happening that are not God's will for earth?

6. Mother Mary: How your choices relate to your situation

7. Mother Mary: All warring and conflict starts in the home.

8. Mother Mary: About the "unquestionable" doctrines in religion and science

9. Mother Mary: Is the "end of the world" near? Are doomsday prophets right?

10. Mother Mary: The necessity of acknowledging the feminine in both women and men.

11. Mother Mary: What is behind the conflict between men and women?

12. Mother Mary: A sustainable society and the divine masculine and divine feminine

13. Mother Mary: Spiritual reason behind the flood of refugees in Europe

14. Mother Mary: The trap of hiding what is going on in your mind

15. Guru Ma: What is love? It is that which connects us to...

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