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Dictations by Year


Choose from hundreds of inspiring, enlightening, utterly profound Ascended Master dictations listed by year from 2002 to current.


Dictations by Master


Many students feel a particular connection to certain Ascended Masters. Here you can find hundreds of dictations listed by Ascended Master.


Jesus Koans


Beautiful and inspiring slide show created by Joy Christen based on the book, The Jesus Koans, by Kim Michaels. Short, snappy and sometimes humorous zen-like koans that give profound insights into the true, inner, mystical teachings of Jesus and everyday life.

Profound Topics


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Basic Teachings
1. Why you need a new world view.
2. What is an ascended master?
3. The hierarchy of ascended masters
4. How are the answers on this website brought forth?
5. A basic understanding of how the universe was created
6. Understanding the four levels of the material realm
7. The fall into duality
8. Understanding our basic choices
9. Understanding duality and non-duality
10. The path offered by the ascended masters
11. An overview of the seven rays
1. God's motive for creating
2. Oneness with God - a mental concept or the actual experience?
3. Critical questions about God and religion
4. One or many Creators Resolving your relationship with God
5. Are we all part of God?
6. Is the Old Testament God a false god?
7. Why was mankind created?
8. Our relationship with God
9. The name of Jesus' Father
10. Can God create something separate from itself?
11. Does God hear all prayers?
12. Does God want our friendship?
13. Is there an angry and judgmental God in heaven?

Divine Love
Answers about Divine love, especially related to unconditional love versus human love.
  1. Love is the driving force of creation
  2. Foundational teachings on Divine Love versus human love
  3. You cannot love yourself until you know yourself
  4. The key to loving yourself
  5. Many people have been programmed to close their hearts to GodÕs unconditional love
  6. Why so difficult for people to accept their Christ potential?
  7. Christ love is unconditional but has discernment
  8. Perfection and divine love
The Spiritual Realm
  1. Spiritual light and the judgment of people
  2. About Devachan and Demonchan
  3. What's so great about being in heaven?
  4. How many universes?
  5. A brief overview over the history of life on this planet
  6. The truth about heaven and hell
  7. Where is the Buddhic level?
  8. The I AM Presence and Christ self
  9. Why the spiritual realm is hard to describe
  1. Did Fallen Angels fall because of sex?
  2. Angels were not created to take physical embodiment
  3. Witnessing Angels and Masters directly

Ascended Masters
  1. Kuan Yin will stay with earth
  2. Embodying the qualities of Master MORE
  3. Guru Ma's position in the spiritual realm
  4. Shri Yukteswar and Lahiri Mahasaya
  5. The Great White Throne?
  6. Helios and Vesta plus Alpha and Omega plus the trinity
  7. Do the ascended masters feel frustrated?
  8. How do the ascended masters envision their relationship with us on earth?
  9. The ascended masters do not work with UFOs
  10. Why do the ascended masters need to have council meetings?
  11. Judas Thomas
  12. Was Mary Magdalene black?
  13. Sanat Kumara and the 144,000 lifestreams who descended to earth
  14. An ascended being has the opportunity for further growth
  15. Your spiritual lineage
  16. Our spiritual parents
  17. Paramahansa Yogananda is today an ascended master
  18. Lady Master Portia, the Goddess of Justice
  19. Krishna brought the knowledge of the Christ to the East
  20. Ascended master John the Beloved
  21. Sanat Kumara and Maldek


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