On the Journey of Self-Mastery


Mother Mary has said that group vigils using the invocations provided by the ascended masters are one of the most powerful forces on earth for bringing about the changes necessary for the Golden Age. Even one additional person makes a significant difference as the power of the invocations is magnified exponentially based on the number of partipants. There is hardly any greater contribution an individual can make to end war, end poverty and accerate the descent of the golden age than participating in group vigils.
So if you are not already doing so, seriously consider joining Mother Mary's monthly 500 world-wide vigil on a regular basis. In addition for added momentum, consider joining another group vigil or organizing your own group vigil. Simply provide the information below on the "Contact" page and your vigil will be added to the list of active vigils. Also be sure to notify us when the vigil has ended.
Too busy?
Many of you are busy and may not be able to participate for the entire vigil program, but as the masters have said many times, just do what you can do as the benefits are so great both for the collective whole and you personally!

Vigil Organizer




Kim Michaels

Mother Mary's world-wide vigil for addressing issues, raising consciousness and preparing for the golden age.

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The last Sunday of each month. See "Timing of the Vigil" section here